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Best Online Surveys For Gift Cards (All Kinds of Gift Cards)

Online surveys for Gift Cards – In this post, we are going to go through all the best online surveys for gift cards of different kinds such as Amazon gift cards, Best Buy, iTunes, Walmart and any kind of gift cards you desired.

So, if you landed on this page because you want gift cards for surveys, you have come to the right place.

As you know, there are different ways online surveys takers can get paid for doing surveys. Some websites may pay you cash which can be withdrawn into your Paypal, Bitcoin, Skrill, Payoneer or even through bank transfer. If you want cash you can check out online surveys that pay cash instantly.

However, if you are only interested in surveys for gift cards, this post has got you covered. We have listed below all the online surveys for gift cards. Although most of them also offer cash as optional in case you change your mind and decide to go for real cash.

Note that there are different kinds of gift cards, E-gift cards and Physical gift cards.

E-gift card is the easiest and fastest. Once you completed surveys, reach cashout limit and request for a gift card. You will be able to receive it instantly or within 2 hours through email. It is usually a code that can be loaded to any of the stores such as amazon, eBay etc.

While physical gift cards will need that you receive it physically to your residential address. It is more like a debit card.

Almost all the online survey sites make use of E-gift cards. They are usually used in the exchange of points you earned.

Online Surveys for Gift Cards:

Below are all the popular online surveys that offer Gift Cards:

1). Prizerebel

Prizerebel is another great place to get gift cards for surveys. It is a survey site that was established in 2007 and based in California. Currently, Prizerebel has over 10 million members and has also paid out more than 20 million dollars so far. There are over 504 reward gift cards that its members can choose from.

Unfortunately, most of the surveys available on Prizerebel are for residents of US, UK, Canada, or Australia. Other countries can join but they will only be able to make money by using other methods such as Task, Offers and Referral Programs. The other payment method besides gift cards is cash withdrawal via Paypal and Bank Transfer. Minimum cashout is $2 and you will receive your money within 24 hours.

2). Superpayme

Superpayme is seen all over the internet as one of the very best places to complete online surveys for Gift Cards. Although they only offer amazon gift cards for surveys.

However, they also offer a cash payment in case you decide to withdraw real money, and this can be withdrawn through Paypal, Skrill and Bitcoins. The minimum amount you can withdraw is just $1 and you will be paid instantly without delay. Superpayme offers its new members the sum of $0.25 as a signup bonus.

3). Offernation

Offernation is also one of the gift cards survey sites that have been online since 2013 and was established by the popular 99 Ventures.  They have more than 140k members as of this day and has payout over $757,585.84 as well. When you join Offernation you are joining a legitimate and reliable survey site with high rewards and fast payment.

There is also a lot of surveys which makes it possible for you to find the one qualify for each day. Offernation also offers other payment ways apart from gift cards, such as cash withdrawal through Skrill, Paypal, and Bitcoins. The minimum cashout is just $1

4). Ysense

Ysense is one of the most popular reward sites on the internet that offers online surveys for Gift Cards. They were formerly known as Clixsense and also the best PTC site but has changed to a full-blown online survey. Not only will you earn free gift cards doing surveys, but you will also make more by new trying products and services, watching videos, downloading apps etc.

They also have other payment methods apart from gift cards such as Payoneer, Skrill, Paypal etc. The minimum cashout requirement is $3 for gift cards, $2o for Skrill and 50 Payoneer.

5). Rewarding ways

Rewarding ways is one of the oldest online survey sites that offer Gift cards for surveys.  Here you will earn gift cards and also cash for taking online surveys, doing tasks and completing offers.

The payment is made instantly and there are also other methods you can use the get your fund out of the site such as cash withdrawal through Bitcoin, Paypal, Skrill etc. Over $1,421,751.42  has been paid out to members since the reward site was established in 2010.

6). Points2shop

Points2shop is used to be known for its numerous and variety of gift cards. Although, they gift cards are not as much as it used to be. But they sure have the popular ones such as Amazon, Best Buy, iTunes, eBay and Walmart available. Just like some of the websites listed here, you can also choose the get real cash from Points2shop if you desired. And you can withdraw the cash through Checks and Paypal.

7). Instagc

Instagc is an online survey panel that was created in 2011 and has been growing rapidly since then. They have very good feedback and reputation among the online rewards website in the industry. Here you will get different kinds of gift cards depending on the one that suits you best. You will also make money on Instagc by shopping online, watching paid videos, Doing offers and completing tasks. You will earn instant gift cards as soon as you request it. The minimum cashout is $1. You can also choose to convert your points to cash and withdraw through Bitcoins, Paypal etc.


There are other websites you can take online surveys for gift cards, but most of them cheat their members and also delay payment. The above sites are the genuine place where you can get your gift cards instantly for doing surveys and it is quite easy to reach the minimum requirement.

Wish you all the best!


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