High Paying Surveys That Pay Through Paypal

High Paying Surveys That Pay Through Paypal Payment Method

There are lots of websites that claim to be high paying surveys that pay through Paypal, unfortunately, most of them are nothing to write home about.

Although they may pay through Paypal as they promised but the money you will earn per online survey will be so low that you may end up getting frustrated and abandon the site in the process.

In this post, we are going to share 10 real high paying surveys that pay through Paypal. Not only that, but most of them will also pay you as soon as you request for withdrawal without delay.

These 10 Paypal paying survey sites were selected after we tested about 150 online survey sites with Paypal as their payment method. And below are some of the things we considered before we selected these Paypal paid online surveys for money:

  1. Payment methods: We ensured that all the websites are actually paying through Paypal.
  2. Minimum Cashout Limit: We also examined all their minimum cashout requirements to make sure they are easy to reach.
  3. Payment Processing time: As you know some survey sites take up to a month or two months to payout to members. This is wrong because you may need the money urgently to solve one or two problems. And it does not make much sense delaying payment since most of the survey sponsors pay as soon as you completed the surveys. In fact, any survey site that delays your payment up to one or two months should be avoided by all means.
  4. High paying surveys: We only selected the survey sites that pay high per survey. Most of the online survey claims to pay high but you will later discover that they are not.
  5. Processing fee: There are some websites that try to rip off their members’ hard-earned cash by charging a very high processing fee. These kinds of survey panels were removed from the list.
  6. Legitimate survey sites: There are many scam websites in the survey industry. They may promise you high paying surveys through Paypal, but when you reached the minimum cashout requirement and requested for payment, they suspend your account or look for one reason or the other to deny you payment.

After examining all the sites using the above criteria, we were able to uncover at least 10 high paying surveys that actually pay through Paypal. You may go through the list below:

High Paying Surveys That Pay Through Paypal:

1). Superpay.me

Superpayme is a paid survey site you should check out if you are searching for high paying surveys that pay through Paypal. They do not only have good-paying surveys but also pay members within 24 hours. Most of the time the payments are made in 3 to 4 hours. And the minimum cashout requirement is very low, just $1.

One thing that strikes us most about this website is their sincerity. They don’t make things difficult for members like most of the survey sites do. You will be paid even if you earned 2000 dollars.

2). Offernation.com

Offernation is another survey site that pays through Paypal. Here, you will not only do online surveys for money via Paypal, but you can also withdraw through other payment methods such as Bitcoin, Skrill or redeem for amazon gift cards. The Paypal payments are also made instantly.

The minimum requirement you need to reach before you can withdraw via Paypal is $1. All international members have opportunities to take paid surveys without rejection. You may also try different other ways of making money on Offernation like referring members, trial offers etc.

3). Swagbucks.com

Swagbucks is a very popular place to take surveys for money via Paypal. If you have been earning through this system, there are good chances that you must have heard of Swagbucks. Here, you can earn PayPal money not only by taking online surveys but also searching the web, doing trial offers and referring members.

Swagbucks, like most of the online surveys, work on a point system. You will be credited with points, which is known as SB after you successfully complete a paid survey. These SB can be redeemed for a gift card of your choice or converted to cash and be withdrawn through Paypal.

The minimum cashout requirement for Swagbucks is 2,500 SB which is equal to $25 dollars. Don’t worry, you will be able to reach this cashout easily, with the number of surveys available on the site and other earning ways.

4). Rewadingways.com

This is one of the oldest survey sites with Paypal as payment a method. Rewarding ways just like the above sites pays its members instantly. It has fast and unlimited payout through Paypal, Skrill and Bitcoin. The website teamed up with a lot of best online surveys providers like Tap Research, Your-Surveys, Say So Rewards, Trialpay, Adgate and a whole lot of them.

Currently, as of writing this post, they have over 375, 748 members and has payout more than $1,287,188.66 to members since it was established.

You will be given free $0.2 when you sign up with them. You may also earn with their lucrative referral program. Rewarding ways also work on a point system, 1 point is the equivalent of $0.01 ( 1 cent ), 100 points = $1.00 ( 1 dollar ).

5). Prizerebel.com

Prizerebel is another popular online survey that pays through Paypal. They have different ways to make money online and get you money via Paypal payment, such as Paid Surveys, Tasks, Offers, Paid to Read Emails and Paid to Search.

Prizerebel works with a point system. You will be credited with points when you complete a survey. As soon as you reach the minimum point requirement, you can redeem the points for gift cards or convert the points to cash and cash out via Paypal.

You will get paid instantly to your PayPal account! You are going to receive your PayPal money instantly after you claim your reward on the site.
Prizerebel has over 9 million members, as of writing this post. And also have been online since 2007. Its members have redeemed more than 19 million dollar and gift rewards since 2007.

6).  Instagc.com

Instagc is one of the survey sites that have been online and doing genuine business without a problem. It is offer paid surveys Paypal payment to all members whose countries are accepted by Paypal. If you are having problems with your Paypal account, you can as well use other payment options such as Bitcoin and gift cards.

Here you can make money by taking surveys, watching videos, shopping online and searching the web.

7). Points2shop.com

Points2shop is another popular survey site that pays through Paypal. The website has been online for a very long time and paying its members without any issue. You may choose to withdraw via other alternative payment methods such as Check and Gift Cards. The minimum cashout requirement for the reward site is $5. And you will be paid in 48 hours of requesting for payment.

You can also make money through online surveys, shopping, watching videos, playing games, tasks, offers and referral program.

They have been online since 2007 so we can say that it is among the legit online surveys that pay through Paypal.

8. Ysense.com

Ysense was formerly the best PTC site online. But has now changed to the paid survey site. Due to their experience with PTC site, they have been able to reestablish Ysense as one of the best online surveys that pay through Paypal.

Being one of the members of the Prodege, LLC family, Ysense supports market researchers and also others that rely upon the power of consumers, offering its members different kinds of reward ways. Be it you take online surveys, carry out online tasks, or do other offers, there is always something for a member to easily make money online on the site.

The other payment alternatives to Paypal are Skrill and Gift Cards. And they are in the process of implementing Pioneer.

9). Treasuretrooper.com

Treasuretrooper is one of the oldest rewards that of online surveys for money through Paypal. You will money by filling out surveys, carrying out searches, sample products and carry out tasks. There are more than $3000 in offers at the reward site.

They offer each member at least eight daily cash surveys that are worth up to $1 each every single day. The payment methods are Paypal, Check and gift cards.

10). Get-paid

Get-paid is also among the online survey sites that pay through Paypal. Here you will have different ways to make money and also different other payment methods apart from Paypal. The popular money making ways are Paid Surveys, Short Task, Trial Offers etc. And you can request for Paypal payment as soon as you reach the minimum of $2 required before you can be able to withdraw.


Above websites are the best place to take online surveys for Paypal and you will have to chance to get paid into your Paypal account in the same day without a problem. All the sites are genuine and have been online and paying members for a very long time without a problem.



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