Online Surveys That Pay Same Day

7 Online Surveys That Pay Cash Instantly (Same Day)

Online surveys that pay cash instantly on the same day. If you want to request for your cash and get it on the same day after taking online surveys, this post is for you.

Are you know, it usually takes days, weeks or even months to receive your payment online through some reward sites. This can be very frustrating especially when you need urgent cash to solve a sudden problem.

Although, sometimes it may be due to the selected payment method you. For example, Check takes weeks or even months to arrive depending on your location and it may also take extra days to be able to cashout it out. The same thing is applicable to a bank transfer, it takes days for the cash to arrive in your bank account.

Payment methods such as Paypal, Skrill, Bitcoins etc are the only methods you can use to get your cash on the same day. So, what you need are all the online surveys that pay the same day through these methods.

Below we have helped you gathered the best and legit online surveys that pay cash instantly the same day you requested for it.

Surveys that Pay Cash Instantly Same Day:

1). Superpayme

It is another website where you can take online surveys that pay same day. They have payout over $2,551,807.46, as of writing this post. The site has one of the lowest Cashout thresholds online.

Here you can make money just by taking part in online surveys. With more than hundreds of new online surveys available on the site each day.

You can also earn by watching videos, completing paid offers and trials. More than 90% of Superpayme payments are made within 8 hours through Paypal, Bitcoin, Skrill and gift cards.

2). Rewardingways

This is another reward survey site that pays you on the same day you request it.

At Rewardingways, you will be able to make money by taking paid surveys, doing Paid Trials and Tasks. You will get paid on the same day through Paypal, Skrill, Bitcoins or you may choose to get gift cards if you desire.

As writing this article, more than $1,205,233.11 has been paid out to its members since the reward site was established.

3). Offernation

This is one of the top-rated survey sites that pay cash the same day. Here, you will be paid within 3 hours of your request. You will earn cash when you complete surveys, do offers and tasks. The minimum withdrawal for Superpayme is just $2 through Paypal, Skrill, Gift Cards and Bitcoins. You can request for your cash today and receive it the same day.

4). Prizerebel

Prizerebel is a reward survey site where you can making money by doing online surveys and get paid the same day. Here, you will need to answer surveys, signup for offers or watch a few videos to earn points which you can redeem for rewards such as a Cash through Paypal or various kinds of gift cards!

Prizerebel as paid out over $19 million in Cash and Rewards since 2007. The survey site has more than 9 million members, as of writing this post.

5). Instagc

Instagc is also paid its members the same day when they take online surveys and complete offers and tasks, shopping online, watching videos and searching the web. You can redeem your points of cash through Paypal or gift cards.


Points2shop is one of the oldest free online reward paid survey programs. You can be able to earn cash or points by taking online surveys, watching videos, playing games, doing offers and shopping online etc. They also have a mobile app which you can use to earn money on the go.

They pay methods are cash Paypal and different kinds of gift cards which you can all get in the same day.


The above websites are the best online survey sites that pay instantly. You have nothing to worry because they are legitimate online survey sites. And like it is advisable to join more than one sites so as to be able to make more cash each day.

If you want our recommendations, then we suggest you join Offernation, Superpayme, Rewardingways and Prizerebels. They are a great reward site where you can make an unbelievable amount of money.


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