Points2Shop Review

Points2Shop Review – Is Legit or Scam? | Sites Like Points2Shop

Points2Shop is one of the many reward programs in the web. However, it comes with its own style – it rewards its members with points which can be used to shop a host of items on amazon.com.

The question is whether this unique rewards site is legit or just another scam with a different face. Yes, Points2Shop is very legit. First, it will not steal your money. Secondly, it really pays members (via points towards shopping).

Another big question is how good of a rewards site is Points2Shop. That is, does Points2Shop ticks the boxes that the ideal rewards site should? Does it provide different ways to earn, is redeeming rewards stress-free and fast, does it provide effective customer service, etc?

This Points2Shop review will examine Points2Shop in order to provide the information that will help you answer these questions and also shows you all the sites like Points2Shop.

General Intro

What is Points2Shop

Points2Shop was started in 2007. It is owned and operated by Points2Shop LLC, a company privately owned by Mat and Janna, a simple couple that call themselves Matjong and Littlerose.

Points2Shop is an online rewards program – more often called Paid Survey site, or more appropriately called GPT (Get Paid To) site. In these websites, members are rewarded for completing simple online tasks. So, reward sites/ GPT sites are fine destination for side hustle that puts a little extra income into the pocket.

However, while it is a reward site, Points2Shop differ from the others in that it does not “pay” members in the traditional way. Yes, as it is in most other GPT sites, Points2Shop reward its members (who complete tasks) with points; but these points cannot be redeemed as cash.

Rather, they can be used to make purchases at Amazon.com. Thus, Points2Shop is everything its name says. Want to get started?

Is Points2Shop legit?

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again – Points2Shop is legit. There is no doubt about this, especially after considering the following.

  • Operator Profile – Reward sites that are backed by 100% legal companies are less likely scams.  Points2Shop is from Points2Shop LLC, which is a company fully registered in Georgia (United States). Some may not like that Points2Sop does not enjoy the backing of the mega market research companies. However, Points2Shop LLC is every bit legal and legit.
  • Acceptability – Legit reward sites attract people, while the opposite is the case for scam sites. Points2Shop does well in this regard as it has over 10 million members. Suffice it to say that 10 million people cannot be wrong. Also, there is the partnership with amazon.com. The robust retailer will have nothing to do with scam sites.
  • Year Founded – Legit reward sites will pass the test of time, while scams do not. Thankfully, Points2Shop passes the test of time as it has been in existence since 2007. That’s over 13 years (as of writing). Suffice it to say that scam sites do not remain strong for that long. Scam sites rip off members or do not reward members for completed tasks; and the word come out. However, in over a decade, Points2Shop remain relevant as a reward site where members can earn points towards shopping in amazon.
  • Pay-out – This is the sure-fire proof that Points2Shop is legit. That is, Points2Shop pays. Members who complete tasks are credited with reward points; and members who redeem their points (shop with them), receive their purchase. As of writing, Points2Shop has paid out close to $13 million ($12,928,756) to its members. This is one of the highest volumes of pay-out you’ll find. Scams do not pay. Thus, that Points2Shop pays can only mean that it is legit.

Is Points2Shop safe?

Yes, Points2Shop is also safe. This means it keep users’ data safe. Using a reward site entails sharing a lot of information about yourself. Sometimes, you’ll also share credit card details.

No one will want his/ her personal information and/ or credit card details leaking out to the world. Thankfully, in Points2Shop, such fears can be put to rest because it uses the latest data security techniques.

In the armoury is SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) technology, which is a bank-level protocol that keeps data safe when it is transmitted over the internet. That is, if you trust your bank to keep your information safe, you can trust Points2Shop to keep your sensitive information safe.

Who can join Points2Shop?

In terms of reach, Points2Shop is sweet and sour. The sweet part? It is available to users worldwide, and the age requirement is 13 years. Unlike some reward sites that serve only the US, or just a few countries, Points2Shop can be used by persons worldwide.

This is fine because persons in every part of the globe wants that opportunity to make a little extra money towards getting the thing they need.

Also, unlike many reward sites that only serve persons 18 and above, Points2Shop also serve minors; person aged 13 to 18 can use the site (albeit with parental consent).

However, there’s the bitter part. While Points2Shop accepts registration globally, only persons resident in US, UK, and CA can fully use the site. This is because most activities in the site pay in “points” to be used to make purchases in Amazon.com; and prizes can be shipped to only members in the US, Canada, and the UK.

Thus, except you are resident in any of these countries, you cannot use Points2Shop as intended – earn reward points towards shopping in amazon.com through the website.

General Intro – Hits and Misses

It comes with an innovative approach to reward programs, where members earn points to be used exclusively for shopping in Amazon.com. It is backed by a US-based 100% legal operator – Points2Shop LLC – It has a wealth of experience as it was established in 2007 – It has paid out over $13 million to its members – Keeps users’ data safe using SSL technology – Accepts registration from persons worldwide The age requirement is 13 years (albeit parental approval is needed from persons aged 13 – 18)Only members in the US, CA, and UK can really use the site (at least as intended)

Using Points2Shop

How it Works

Advertisers come to Points2Shop to help collect customers’ insight (through surveys, trial offers, etc) or to foster customer engagement (through viewing ads, playing games, signing up for newsletter, etc). The advertisers pay Points2Shop, and that why the reward site is able to pay its members.

However, as said earlier, the rewards come as points in Points2Shop. However, Points2Shop also pays via cash. You can earn cash by completing cash offers, and by referring friends and family members. In most GPT sites, points earned can later be exchanged for cash. However, in Points2shop, points earned cannot be exchanged for cash; but can only be used for shopping from the Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk, or Amazon.ca marketplaces.

However, cash earned directly in the site can either be cashed out or also used for purchases in the Amazon marketplaces.

Getting Started

As it is in every reward site, you’ll need to register as a member to use Points2Shop. Interestingly, registration is free. You can use Points2Shop without having to pay a dime. Registering is also very simple. Visit the website; find the short registration form; enter your username, email address and password; and hit “create your account”. It won’t take up to a minute; and you’ll be a member of Points2Shop.

Points2Shop even gives a join bonus. Immediately after registering, your account credited with 250 points. This is a fine bonus, as it means that you get something in your account even before you’ve completed any earning activity.

Logging in, you’ll find an important stat of current online users. As of finishing this review, we logged in and found that 47,850 users were online. This is a nice feature that brings the website to live, as it tells you that people are using the website the same time as you.

After registering, you’ll want to fill your profile questionnaire. This helps Points2Shop direct you to offers that suit you. It should be said that advertisers who engage rewards sites are looking for specific persons; and it is your profile survey that is initially used to know if you are right for the offer.  

Honours Level System

One unique aspect of Points2Shop is its “Honours Level System”. The honours levels are simply membership levels.

There are 8 membership levels – New User, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Elite, Diamond, and Legend. When you join Points2Shop, you are placed at the “New User” level; and when you verify your account, you are moved to the Bronze Level. Thereafter, unlocking new levels are not that simple; you’ll have to meet different requirements, such as earnings, number of referrals, etc. As you’ll expect the higher your membership level, the more benefits you’ll enjoy.

SilverMust be at least Bronze honour levelEarn at least $10 from offersChallenge people to compete with you in one-on-one gamesTag others to classify and label them
GoldMust be at least Silver honour levelEarn at least $25 from offersMust have been paid at least onceInstant PayPal payment when cashing out via PayPalMany new offers are availableAble to donate points to friends
PlatinumMust be at least Gold honour levelEarn at least $100 from offersRefer at least 10 new membersReceive 250 level bonus pointEarn money by helping new members in the helper system
EliteMust be at least Platinum honour levelEarn at least $400 from offersMust be a member of Points2Shop for 9 monthsReceive 250 level bonus points
DiamondMust be at least Elite honour levelEarn at least $800 from offersRefer at least 50 new playersMust be a member for 12 months  Receive a free Points2Shop T-Shirt
LegendMust be at least Diamond honour levelEarn at least $1,600 from offersRefer at least 10 new membersMust be a member for 16 monthsReceive 250 level bonus points

Mobile Use

Points2Shop allows members earn even on the go. This is because you can use the service on mobile devices. Simply enter the url into a web browser in your mobile device, and you can reach Points2Shop and earn from the site. Importantly, the website is optimized for mobile. The web pages resize to fit the screens of your mobile devices, so the viewing experience on mobile is great.

Also, Points2Shop has mobile apps. So, it gives the ultimate mobile experience. Using the mobile apps is even incentivized. By downloading and installing the app, you’ll eb rewarded with 100 bonus points (which is $0.10). With mobile-optimized websites and mobile apps, you can earn anywhere you are.

Ways to Earn

One of the good things about Points2Shop is that it provides different ways to earn. You can earn virtual points or cash with online activities such as completing surveys and offers, watching videos, playing games, shopping online, and much more


Taking surveys is definitely the most popular way to earn in GPT sites. It is not different in Points2Shop. Go to the earning area, and you’ll find lots of surveys that you can complete to earn reward points (a few of these pay with cash). You’ll find daily survey opportunities as Points2Shop draws surveys from third party providers like PeanutLab.

Landing on the paid surveys page; with each available survey, you’ll find the time it’ll take to complete the survey, and the points/ cash that’ll be credited upon its completion. Thus, you’ll know from the onset what an estimate of the time you’ll put in and what you’ll get. Typically, surveys pay $0.20 – $2.00.

However, one big advantage of using Points2Shop is that its surveys pay relatively higher. That is, a survey in Points2Shop paying $1.50 will almost definitely pay less than that if available and taken in other survey sites/ GPT sites.

However, it must be said that you’ll only earn from surveys that you take to completion. Unfortunately, it is not always the case. Many times (and in virtually all survey sites/ GPT sites), users will start a survey, but are disqualified from it and not allowed to take it to completion.

This is because surveys are targeted at particular persons. If when answering the survey, it is determined that you are not the person whose opinion is wanted, you’ll be disqualified from it.

Unfortunately, this can happen at any time, irrespective of whether you’ve gone half-way or even farther. Yes, disqualifications from surveys happen in every GPT site, but there are just too many Points2Shop users complaining of it, which suggests that the rate of disqualification is a bit high here.

Disqualification from surveys hurt, especially as it amounts to a waste of the time and effort expended before being kicked out. Because of this, some GPT sites give token points for disqualifications. Unfortunately, Points2Shop does not give token points.


You’ll also find different offers to complete to earn points or cash. Some are inhouse offers provided by Points2Shop, while most are drawn from third party providers like PeanutLab, AdGate, and more. The offers are varied. Some are surveys; some require you to sign up for online service; some are product trials; etc.

While most of the offers are free, you will also find paid offers (especially trial offers). That is, you’ll have to make a purchase to be eligible for the trial. However, paid offers are fine ways to get great deals on your purchases because such purchases are usually at nominal fees. Also, the pay-outs from paid offers are usually higher than pay-outs from free offers.

However, if you’ll not want to end up with a product that you do not like, it’s better to steer clear of the paid offers. Also, there are some free offers that’ll ask for your credit card details. This definitely means that after the trial offer, you’ll be made a paid subscriber. If you do not want that, you should either steer clear from all such “free” trial offers, or remember to cancel before the end of the trial period.

Playing Games

If you play online games, you can be earning points or cash while having fun. Simply go to the earning area of Points2Shop and find games that you can play to earn. You’ll find games of chance as well as games of skill. Interestingly, you do not have to always play games with yourself or against a computer.

For a wonderful social experience, there are games where you can play with/ against other real-life players (that is, you’ll be matched with other players of similar skill level). Interestingly, all games in Points2Shop are available for free play. You can earn up to 150 points per game.

Weekly Lottery

Points2Shop runs weekly draws. This is a lottery with no guaranteed winner – everyone has the same chance of winning. Lottery tickets are free. The prize grows by $10 every week, and is usually well over $100!

Monthly Contests

Points2Shop runs a monthly contest. The contests reward the top 10 earners in the site every month. Thus, anyone can claim a place in the monthly contest and get a sweet cash prize by earning a lot from offers or getting a lot of referrals. The first placed member gets a $15 cash prize, while the 10th placed member gets a $1 cash prize.


Another fine way to earn in Points2Shop is by referring others. The GPT site has a very generous referral program.

First, there is more than one level to the Points2Shop referral program. It is a 3-level referral program where you get 15% of what your first level referrals earn, 3% of what your second-level referrals earn, and 2% of what your third level referrals earn. If you invite Mr A who then invites Mr B who then invite Mr C, you’ll earn 15% of what Mr A earn, 3% of what Mr B earns, and 2% of what Mr C earns. Wonderful, right? Well, there’s more! You’ll also get $0.50 bonus when your referrals verify their email and another $0.05 bonus when your referrals complete their first offer; which gives you a total of $1.00.

With this, you can earn very if you can invite a lot of persons. However, your referrals have to be active in the site to earn. If they are inactive, your earning rate will decrease.

Also, sometimes your referral may be very active and earn heavily but you’ll not earn any referral commissions. This is because the referral commissions only apply to Points2Shop offers and not those hosted by external Offer groups (i.e. PeanutLabs, Gambit, etc). Since the bulk of the offers are from third party providers, it means the referral program of Points2Shop may not be as generous as it seems.

Using Points2Shop – Hits and Misses

It is absolutely free to use – Registration is very simple and straightforward – Immediately credits every new member 250 points as a join bonus – There are different ways to earn – surveys, play games, complete offers, trial offers, etc – Pay-outs are relatively higher – Has a generous multi-level referral program – Has a membership levels system that rewards loyalty – Has mobile-optimized site and mobile apps to give optimal experience when earning on the goRate of disqualification from surveys is high- Does not compensate users disqualified from surveys- Referral commission applies to only referrals earnings from in-house offers

Getting Paid

Payment Proofs

As mentioned in the “Is Points2Shop legit” section, this is a legit reward site that pays. Specifically, as of writing this review, Points2Shop has paid out $12,928,756 to members. The last time we reviewed Points2Shop (about a year ago), the pay-out was at $12,556,793. Thus, Points2Shop has paid out over $370,000 in under a year. It continues to pay.

Thankfully, there are lots of payment proofs to show this. After logging in, find your way to the forum section, where you’ll find lots of testimonials and payment proofs. Points2Shop even incentivizes posting payment proofs as it gives points to members who post real payment proofs. If you search the independent forums, you’ll also find lots of Points2Shop payment proofs.

Payment Options

As mentioned earlier, in this reward site, the immediate reward for completing tasks is either points or cash. Cash can be converted to points; but points cannot be converted to cash. As the name of this reward site suggests, points earned can only be used to purchase products in amazon.com.

Why Amazon? Amazon.com is one of the biggest retailers around. It is a place to find and discover almost anything you want to buy online, and at a great price at that. They sell a variety of different products such as books, computer stuff, software, electronic, music CDs, clothing, shoes, baby stuff, toys, etc.

Apart from the great product selection and great prices, Amazon also has fine customer service and fast shipping. Thus, with Points2Shop allowing members to make purchases from Amazon, you not only have access to a variety of products, but you also get a good buying experience.

Points2Shop would rather exclusively give users points towards making Amazon purchases. However, so that it can serve people who want hard cash as payment, Points2Shop also support PayPal payments.

Cash earned in Points2Shop can be converted to points to be used for purchases in Amazon or can be paid out to a cheque or free payment accounts such as PayPal Payza, Dwolla and Balanced.

Payment Threshold

You don’t want to be in a GPT site building a large balance before you can request payment (via amazon purchase or cash options). Thus, the payment threshold should be as low as possible. Thankfully, in Points2Shop, it is as low as you’ll find.

The minimum cash-out amount is just $1.00. With this, you’ll be ready to grab something from Amazon even within hours of using Points2Shop.

However, $1.00 will not get you much in Amazon, so while you can technically redeem your reward points when you’ve earned just 100 points (which is $1.00), you may want to wait till you’ve earned more points. However, when requesting PayPal payment, you’ll need a minimum cash balance of $5.00.

Payment Speed

After requesting payment, how long will it take before you receive it? This will depend on whether you are redeeming points or cash.

When using reward points to order Amazon products, many times, the products are delivered within 5 – 7 business days of request. When requesting cash payment, all payments are received within 48 hours. Know that most cash payments are received within 24 hours, while users from Gold level and above can have Instant PayPal.

Cash-out Fees

Everyone who earns in reward sites will want to receive their rewards in full. Thankfully, in Points2Shop, users can enjoy free payment.

When redeeming points by making Amazon purchases via Points2Shop, you can enjoy free shipping. However, to get free shipping, you’ll need to place orders much higher than the $1 minimum cash-out threshold. For free shipping, you’ll have to place at least 2,500 points ($25) of eligible Amazon products in your shopping cart. For UK users, it is 3,000 points ($30).

When requesting PayPal payment, you can also enjoy free cash-out. This is because a $0.10 fee is charged for every PayPal payment less than $10

Getting Paid – Hits and Misses

There are payment proofs – It also supports a lot of cash payment options – PayPal, Cheque, etc- Has a low payment threshold ($1.00) – Payment is relatively fast (5 – 7 days for amazon products, and instant to 48 hours for cash payment)- Free payment is possible (there are amazon products eligible for free shipping, and PayPal payments over $10 are free)Your amazon orders must be at least $25 (or $30 for UK users) to get free shipping

Customer Support Service


The ideal GPT site should have resources to help users find answers to the questions they have. Points2Shop does well in this regard. It has an FAQ page that provides answers to many common questions. These are arranged in sections such as: General, Membership, Offers, Amazon, and Referrals.

If you have an account and log in, you’ll find the “forum” and “support” sections which hold loads of support articles. If you have questions, you just may find the answers you need in one of the support articles.

Contact Help

Points2Shop also provides direct assistance. Should the self-help resources fail to answer your questions, or you need more, you can directly contact a customer support agent. The supported contact channel is email – online contact form.

However, after submitting a support ticket, response does not come speedily. It takes Points2Shop 3 – 5 business days to response to support tickets. This is relatively slow. Thus, it is disappointing that support channels that allow instant feedback (such as telephone, and live chat) are not supported. Thankfully, responses to support tickets are largely helpful.

There is also a members’ shout-box, where members can drop messages and get assistance from one another. However, a little chatting happens in the shout-box, but it is largely filled with posts from Points2Shop about activities in the site.

Customer Support Service – Hits and Misses

There are detailed self-help resources – A support team is available that can be directly contacted for assistance – Responses are quite helpfulInstant feedback channels are not supported – Responses to support tickets take 3 – 5 business days which is relatively slow – The members shout-box is largely ineffective

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Points2Shop is a reward site. It is operated by Points2Shop LLC. This is not one of the big market research companies, but it is 100% legit. Thus, Points2Shop comes out as a legit GPT site. If you need a sure-fire proof that Points2Shop is legit, simply look at its pay-outs of almost $13 million, and the many payment proofs available.

Know that Points2Shop differs significantly from the regular GPT sites. Its focus is on rewarding members with points towards making purchases in Amazon.com. More than being legit, Points2Shop ticks many of the boxes that the ideal GPT should.

It provides many earning opportunities, as it allows users to earn from taking surveys, playing games, referring friends, and more. While Points2Shop is mainly about earning points for shopping, it also supports cash payments. Also, the cash-out threshold is low, as you can earn only $1, and you can request payment.

However, Points2Shop is not exciting all the way as can be seen from the hits and misses section of the review. One of the more serious “problems” is the seemingly high rate of disqualification from surveys.

However, it is our opinion that if you are in the US, UK, or Canada where Amazon products can be shipped to, you’ll find that Points2Shop has more for it than against it. If you’re in any other country, though you can still use Points2Shop, you cannot use it to the fullest. Do we recommend Points2Shop? Yes, if you are in the US, UK, or Canada.


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