Offernation Review

Offernation Review – Is Legit or Scam?

Offernation advertises as a platform where “making money online is easy”. It is one of the many paid survey sites around, that provide surveys where you can give your opinion and get paid for it.

However, the big question is whether using Offernation is worth it. Does it offer a lot of surveys and paid offers so that there is always something to do and earn from? Are its payouts (per completed survey or offer) any better? Does it offer low cashout limits? Does it actually pay when you withdraw earnings and is payment fast? How about the user experience? Is there an effective customer support service to handle the questions or issues that you may have?

This Offernation review examines Offernation, in order to provide the information that will help you answer these questions and more.

Offernation at a glance

  • Website:
  • Owned by 99 Ventures limited and founded in 2013
  • It is free to join
  • Offers a lot of free paid reviews and paid offers
  • Offers a $0.25 welcome bonus
  • Low minimum cashout amount of $1.00
  • Reward catalog includes options like PayPal, Skrill, Amazon Gift cards, and Bitcoin
  • Offer fast payments
  • Customer support can be reached by online contact form (response time is usually 8 hours)

What is Offernation?

Offernation is a GPT (Get Paid To) site. That is, they pay you to carry out a variety of tasks which include completing surveys and giving your opinion on the subject. Offernation was founded in 2013; it is owned by 99 Ventures limited, which is the company that is also responsible for and

Offernation is one site where you can make money as it provides Paid Surveys, Paid Offers, Paid Trials, and many other earning opportunities. However, when you complete surveys or other paid activities in the site, Offernation rewards you with points. You can later convert these points to cash; the conversion rate is 100 points = $1.00.

If you are wondering how a site can pay you for simply answering some questions and giving your opinion; it is because big brands pay these sites to collect consumer opinion which will be used to drive product improvement/ development. So big brands pay the review site; the review site recruits you to get your opinion and pays you for this.

Is Offernation legit?

Yes, Offernation is legit. There are just too many persons in cyber space using different fronts to rip people off. Thus, before using any GPT site, if you don’t want to be ripped off or waste your time, it’s important to determine that it is legit. That said; the big question is whether Offernation is a legit GPT site. The short answer to that is yes.

The longer answer to that question is that: Offernation is owned by a 100% legal and reputable Consumer Research Company, has industry-wide recognition, and has a rich operating record of providing survey and paid offers to customers, and issuing fast payments.

Our first check of a legit online platform is legality. This is because platforms that are 100% legal are less likely to be scams. Interestingly, Offernation ticks the legality box. The website is owned and operated by 99 Ventures Ltd. This is a 100% legal company that was incorporated in 2011. Suffice it to say that scam platforms do not bother with company incorporation.

Another check of a legit online platform is industry-wide recognition. This is because scam sites operate largely in the shadows. Thankfully, Offernation ticks this box. It is arguably one of the best Get Paid To (GPT) website around. At the time of writing this review, it had over 57,389 active members. Suffice it to say that a scam site cannot earn the trust of tens of thousands of members.

Another check of the legit online store is the test of time. This is because scam platforms are generally short-lived. Interestingly, Offernation passes this test. The website has been operating since 2013. Though this is relatively a short time, it is enough time to be called out if it is a scam and does not issue payouts.

Another test of a legit online platform is fitness for purpose. In the case of a GPT site, fitness for purpose will mean that the site will have tasks for the user to complete and actually pays users who complete tasks. In layman-speak, there will be lots and lots of payment proofs. Thankfully, Offernation ticks this box. There are many offers that you can complete to get paid, and there are many persons who have gotten paid, with payment proofs available.

That said, with Offernation operated by a 100% legal company, having industry-wide recognition, and having a long operating record of paying users (laden with payment proofs), there is no doubt that it is a legit GPT site.

Offernation – is it safe?

Offernation is also safe. When using any online platform, you’ll want a site that can adequately protect the sensitive information that your share with it.

In this regards, Offernation says that it “stores your personal data as securely as it can on secure servers” and that it takes “all reasonable steps necessary to ensure your data is adequately protected”. It adds that your it does not pass your personal data to third parties unless: (i) you specifically request it to do so for a particular purpose (ii) it has reasons to do so as part of an investigation (iii) it has to do so as part of the site’s process in crediting your account (iv) it is required by law to do so.

That said; it is safe to say that Offernation is safe.

To start earning with Offernation

To use Offernation, you’ll need to register and create an account. However, it is free to join, and registration is a simple process that’ll take only 60 seconds. The registration form requires your first name, last name, email address, and address. You’ll also have to nominate a username and a password.

After your account is created, you’ll need to complete a user profile. It’s essential that you provide as much information as possible when creating your profile, as it is the profile that will be used in determining whether you qualify to participate in surveys and offers.

With your profile completed, you can then proceed to find surveys and offers that you will do. Many other GPT site will email you with surveys that you are likely to qualify for. But in Offernation, you’ll have to go to the “Paid Surveys” link or the “Offerwalls” link, to find something that you can complete. Most of the listed surveys will show how long it’ll take and how much you’ll earn after completion, so you’ll know from the start what is involved.

You’ll find that you will be disqualified from some surveys. And this is after answering some pre-qualification questions. However, this is not something peculiar to Offernation.

In every survey panel, surveys are usually targeted at particular profiles, so if your profile does not match the targeted profile, you’ll not qualify for the survey. However, there are many survey sites out there that’ll give you a little something for the time (spent in answering the preliminary questions) if you do not qualify to compete a survey.



There are no shortages of survey sites and GPT sites. However, many times, not many persons can use these sites because of geographic restriction. That is, many survey sites are only available for customers in the US and a few other countries. However, almost everyone everywhere wants the opportunity to make a little extra income. Thus a global-facing surveys site is welcomed.

In this regards, Offernation comes out good, as it is available to all countries. You’ll only need to be over 18 years of age to participate. While it is good that Offernation provides earning opportunities to everyone irrespective of country of residence, you’ll find that many of the paid activities in the site are geo-targeted. That is, you’ll not qualify to participate in some activities because of your location.

Mobile Compatibility

In our current world, most persons visiting the internet do so with their mobile devices. The convenience of being able to do your internet work on the go is something that desktop platforms cannot afford. So the ideal online platform should be compatible with mobile devices.

In this regards, Offernation works well across desktop and mobile platforms. Using web browsers, you can access Offernation on mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets. However, the website is not optimized for mobile devices. That is when accessing with your mobile devices, the web pages do not resize to fit the small screen of the device; so you’ll have to drag the screen left and right to view the full page, which does not make for excellent user experience.

Mobile apps would have been the clincher. However, Offernation has not developed mobile apps at this time. That said, while you can use web browsers to open Offernation on your mobile devices; for topnotch experience, it’s best to use desktop devices.

Member Chat

It is good to have an online community where members can come together to interact. Many times such communities will be destinations for answers or solutions to some of the questions or problems that members will have.

Offernation does provide such a destination in the form of its “Member Chat” area. When logged in, you’ll find the Member Chat in the right of the screen. It comes showing several posts; along with a box to enter your message, and a button to post it.

However, while a few chatting happens in the Member Chat area, the area is populated by automatic posts from Offernation showing who has earned what and what offer will earn you what.

Thus, in our opinion, the Member Chat area losses its purpose. Instead of featuring members’ discussions, it’s simply an Offernation pseudo-advert page. While you can still field a question other members or the moderator, this can easily get lost in the sea of automatic posts from Offernation.

Welcome Bonus

Another sweet thing about Offernation is that there is a welcome bonus. After successfully creating an account, you get the congratulatory message, and below it is the message “we have already added your $0.25 join bonus to your account balance”.

Yes, the welcome bonus is conservative; and you’re sure to find GPT sites with fatter welcome bonuses.

However, almost all fat bonuses in the other sites are sticky. That is before they are credited to your account and withdrawable you’ll have to meet certain conditions; usually, you’ll be required to earn up to a particular amount within a particular time frame.

Such sticky bonuses can easily become the carrot dangling before a donkey that can remain out of reach. However, the welcome bonus of Offernation is not sticky. You’ll get it in your account instantly.

Earning Potential

Most definitely, you got to this post and are reading it because you want to have some extra earnings. Thus, you’ll want a site that offers a lot of earning opportunities. Thankfully, Offernation is a legit GPT site that ticks this box. Its earning opportunities include: Paid Surveys, Paid Offers, Contest, Referral bonus, and more

Paid Survey

The primary way of earning in Offernation is Paid Surveys. This involves simply answering some questions to give your opinion on the subject. Offernation connects you with a host of survey panels, o you’ll find lots of surveys in Offernation. Interestingly, you’ll find that Offernation always has a lot of surveys.

Usually, survey takers do not qualify for every survey, so the more surveys there are the more you’re likely to qualify for, complete, and earn from. In the “Paid Surveys” link, you’ll find “Daily Paid Surveys” to choose one to try. You’ll also find a list of Top Surveys.

Of the earning activities in Offernation, Surveys have the highest payouts. However, you won’t be getting rich. The surveys will fetch you about $0.20 – $1.00 for each one you complete. The actual amount per completed survey varies depending on the length and type of the survey.

Paid Offers

Another way you can earn in Offernation is by completing Paid Offers. From the “Offerwalls” link in the website, you’ll find offerwalls such as Sayso Rewards, PeanutLabs, Offertoro,, Wannads, and more; these houses a wide range of offers that you can complete to have some earnings. These offerwalls are third-party platforms.

The offers you’ll find in these offerwalls are varied. These include: signing up in certain websites, downloading certain apps, clicking on PTC (paid to click) ads, and more. However, many of these offers have very low payouts (usually far lower than half a cent).

There are sometimes offers that have relatively high payouts even more than that of surveys. But these will require you to submit your credit card information; that is, you’ll pay to get the offer. Thus before jumping on any offer, you should read the fine prints.

Quarterly Contest

Another way to earn in Offernation is via its quarterly contest. This is just a way that Offernation rewards users who are very active in the site (that is, the highest earners). Offernation gives out $1,000 every three months to the 20 highest earners in the site over the period. At the end of any three months under consideration, Offernation will check its earnings list; the 1st on the list gets $350, the 2nd gets $200, the 3rd gets $100, the 4th and 5th get $50 each, the 6th – 10th get $30 each, and the 11th – 20th get $10 each.

This Offernation $1,000 contest is simply being paid for earning. While it is good that there is a reward system for users who show that level of commitment to get on that highest earner’s list, it’s even better than Offernation’s system rewards the first twenty earners and not just the top earner. That way, a lot of users are able to benefit, as opposed to a reward system that gives a lump sum to one user.

Referral Bonus

Offernation has a referral bonus which allows you to earn a passive income. When you join, you’ll be provided with a unique referral link. You can then share this link and get people to join by clicking on your link to get to the Offernation website and register. You’ll earn 25% of any income that your referrals earn from completing surveys and offers in the site.

Getting Paid

Payment Proofs

First, it should be said people are getting paid daily in Offernation. At the time of writing this review, it had paid out over $600,000 to its members. In its payment proofs page, you’ll see a list withdrawals (showing each person’s username, payment type, cash value, and the payment date).

However, if you do not have much faith in self-published proofs, you can easily find Offernation’s payment proofs in a lot of independent sources. Thus, there’s no doubt that Offernation issues payouts.

Payment Catalog

Customers like sites that have a robust reward catalogue with a lot of options for getting paid. Offernation does relatively well in this regards. It supports PayPal, Skrill, Amazon Gift Cards, and Bitcoin.

Payment Threshold

One of the most important considerations in any paid survey site (or GPT site) is the payment threshold. In simple-speak, this is how much you must earn before you can make withdrawals. Customers generally want sites with payment threshold that are as low as possible so that they can get their money out as fast as possible.

This is one of the most shining parts of Offernation. It has a minimum cash-out amount of only $1.00. However, the $1.00 minimum cashout amount applies to only PayPal and Skrill payments. To redeem your points for Gift Cards, the cashout amount is $5.00, so you’ll need to have accumulated a minimum of 500 points. While to get paid via bitcoin, the cashout amount is $40, which is the equivalent of 4,000 points.

Speed of Payment

Another important consideration is how fast you can get paid. After withdrawing, you’ll not want it to take long before the money hits your account. Offernation also does excellently in this regards. When members withdraw earnings, Offernation is very fast in processing this and issuing payouts. Over 90% of payments are sent in under four hours; while the other 10% is usually sent within 24 hours.

There is also the option of withdrawing using Instant PayPal, meaning that you’ll get your money immediately you make withdrawals. About 50% of all payments that Offernation sends are made instantly. Also, there are no limits to the number of withdrawals that can be made in a day using Instant PayPal.

However, to have the option of Instant PayPal, you’ll need to be a verified member; and the verification is done via an automated phone call.


When using any platform, issues are almost inevitable. Thus, the ideal platform should have an effective customer support service for addressing the issues that customers will have.

First, there is an FAQ page which provides answers to many questions that users have asked in the past. This will be a useful resource to persons who like finding answers themselves. The FAQ is detailed, and to aid navigation, it is arranged by the following subjects: Membership Issues, Earning Cash & Points; Offers & Offer Walls, Referrals, and Contests.

Also, Offernation can be contacted using an online contact form accessible from the “Contact Us” link in its website. Offernation promises that every support ticket supported will be responded to within 24 hours. Interestingly, this is not just a promise. In fact, the customer service of Offernation shines in terms of response time.

Most of the times, all support ticket are answered in under 8 hours. While the response time of Offernation is exemplary, it is still disappointing that it does not support instant feedback channels such as Telephone support.

Offernation Complaints

There is definitely no site that you won’t find one or more complaints against. However, you can gauge a site’s health using complaints; because the ideal site will not be overrun by complaints. For this section, we looked at the independent customers’ review platforms such as Trustpilot.

Interestingly, Offernation is highly rated in many of the top online customers’ review platforms. For example, at the time of writing this review, in Trustpilot, Offernation had an average rating of 3.7/ 5 (rated by 198 reviewers).

However, despite the overall good rating and many glowing reviews (about being a legit company that not only pays but also offers fast payments), there was one complaint that stood out – Offernation’s famous (or “infamous” depending on what side of the fence you are) 30 – 60 days verification process.

Offernation sometimes lock users’ accounts for up to 60 days for account verification. This occurs when users try to cash out; and in for all the time that an account is locked down, the user will not be able to use the account for anything. Needless to say, many users hold that 60 days is too long a time for any verification.

Also, some users do not see why an account that is not a new account and that has seen many withdrawals will all of a sudden be locked down for verification. Some of the reviews are as follows:

  • Kyle in Trustpilot says “It’s legit, but there is a hurdle you have to go through first”. The review continued “This site is a great way to earn some extra money by doing surveys for companies/ advertisers. Only thing that is frustrating is that after doing a few surveys and attempting to cash out for the first time, your account gets locked for 30 – 60 days while they verify your account. So you will not be able to use your account for that period of time…”
  • Matthew Joseph in Trustpilot says “60 Days for Verification – Ridiculous Survey Panel”. The review continued “Offernation needs 60 days [to] complete their verification. This is ridiculous…”
  • Donte H in Trustpilot says “Trust the bad reviews about this site. They block your account for no reason and then say that you have to wait 30 – 60 days to be verified. They will give you a ridiculous reason as to why your account is blocked and say that they ‘hopefully’ can provide you with an update. I never leave bad reviews, I usually just move on, but this site is bad news”
  • Michael Cecere in Trustpilot says “A waste of time” The review continued “After getting paid a couple of times, I had to end a copy of my driver’s license to prove who I am for some unknown reason. I cannot think of any reason they would need that, but I complied anyhow. After supplying what they needed, they sent me my next payment, and then when it came to claiming my payment after that they locked me out of my account without explanation. I sent a couple of support tickets and finally received a response that I had to wait 30 days. I never had to do this before. After 30 days, I again requested my $10, and the response was I had to wait another 30 days. No other survey company does this, and after this experience along with the defence of their bizarre policies on this board, my personal opinion is that you should be wary of wasting your time with this company …”

That said, there’s the real chance that when you move to withdraw your earnings, Offernation may lock you out for up to 60 days. Reason? Account Verification.

As the customers’ review suggests, it doesn’t matter that you have made several withdrawals in the past; it also doesn’t matter that in the past you had provided some identification.

Offernation maintains that accounts are flagged to complete verification for very good reasons. Offernation says the account verification is a security measure that is in place to prevent fraud. It says that it is the legit platform it is because of these security measures that are in place.

It maintains that without such measures it would not have been such a platform where people can actually earn and which processes and sends out payments as fast as it does. It also adds that, where possible, it tries to get people back online quicker. It says it “relies on third-party advertisers and companies looking into and investigating potentially complex fraudulent issues” and that “that takes time to ensure the job is done properly”. It says that the process can actually take up to 90 days, but that most companies respond within 60 days which is why it sets 60 days for the verification. It adds that if the service is provided quicker, then it will also.

That said, in our opinion, Offernation’s response to customers complaining about this 30 – 60 days verification leaves nothing to be desired. Somehow, Offernation suggests that customers have no right to complain that the verification process is frustratingly long because (i) they are told twice of it, and they agree to it before joining (ii) the verification process is there as a security measure to prevent people from registering with false information and completing offers fraudulently.

For example, an excerpt of one of the responses of Offernation in Trustpilot goes: “Essentially about 95% of the negative reviews on Trustpilot are a complete waste of time (including this one) because they are either provided by fake people or people who do not appreciate the security measure we have in place which actually provided them with the opportunity to earn online

About 95% of negative reviews of Offernation that you’ll find on Trustpilot have to do with this 30 – 60 days account verification process. Thus, the negative reviews that Offernation calls a “complete waste of time” are any complaints about its 30 – 60 days verification procedure.

The business of Offernation is helping companies collect the opinions of its consumer so that they (the companies) can use these opinions to drive product/ service improvement.

In our opinion, if negative reviews are a complete waste of time, no company will pay to hear the opinions of customers. Mind you, it is the supposedly “negative reviews” that shine a light on areas of improvement or new product/ service development.

In our opinion, there is nothing that cannot be improved upon in one way or the other, and if about 95% of negative reviews mention one thing then it is something that definitely needs improving upon.

Also, it is our opinion that if you do not see how you can possibly improve on something, but your customers still complain about it, it doesn’t call for brushing your customers off. However, in response to persons complaining of the 30 – 60 days verification process, Offernation only falls short of calling these persons names.


  • Let’s lean on the side of Offernation and say the “30 – 60 days verification process” is an essential security measure. However, that doesn’t mean that customers who complain about it in reviews do not think that “having sufficient security in place is ridiculous”. They are simply saying the “sufficient security measure” is ridiculously long; that is, the “sufficient security measure” while effective (to Offernation) in preventing fraud, is frustratingly long and is therefore not efficient (in terms of user experience).
  • Also, as Offernation like to point out, customers are made aware twice of the process and agree to it before joining. However, that doesn’t mean that if one agrees to something, it would not turn out to be frustrating when being experienced. And agreeing to it beforehand does not mean that if you find the experience to be frustrating, you should not mention it in hopes of driving improvement
  • Also, as Offernation like to point out, “30 – 60 days” is the best they can do to ensure security and continue to provide its much-appreciated service (especially fast payments). However, that you cannot improve on how long this essential security measure takes, does not mean you should talk down your customers who think something should be done about it. In simple speak, even if you think a customer is silly, it doesn’t mean that you should tell it to his/ her face.


Offernation is a legit GPT (Get Paid To) site. It has a lot of earning activities ranging from paid surveys and paid offers to a referral program, and these are available to persons worldwide. Offernation rewards new members with a $0.25 join bonus that goes straight into your balance.

Also, it has a very low minimum cashout limit of $1.00 so you’ll not have to kill yourself in the site before you can withdraw your earnings.

Also, you’ll find different options to withdraw with; and when you withdraw, the payout is unbelievably fast. When you have issues, Offernation provides a ticketing system to contact them, and their response is unbelievably fast (within 8 hours).

However, while you can open the website and fully use it on your mobile devices, it is not mobile-optimized. Also, many surveys and offers are geographically targeted so you may not find too many to do except you are in some first-tier countries (note that this is not peculiar to Offernation, but to all survey sites).

However, there’s one bump on the road that’s peculiar to Offernation, and that is its long 30 – 60 days verification process. When you make a withdrawal, you may find that your account is flagged for verification, which means you’ll not be able to do anything on the account or get your money, until the verification is completed.

Conclusively, Offernation is a solid GPT site where you can earn a little extra income from taking surveys and completing other tasks; and you’ll be hard-pressed to find a GPT site that’ll beat its low payment threshold or fast payouts.


  • It is free to join
  • Offers earning opportunities to persons worldwide
  • Offers an $0.25 welcome bonus that goes instantly to your account
  • Multiple ways to earn money online – paid surveys, paid offers, etc
  • Low minimum cashout amount on $1.00
  • Offers options in the reward catalogue, including PayPal, Skrill, Amazon Gift cards, and Bitcoin
  • Fast processing of withdrawal and payment (ranging from instant, through a few hours, to not more than 24 hours)
  • Has a referral program where you can make passive income (25% of whatever your referrals make)
  • Offers a cash contest that shares $1,000 to top 20 earners every three months
  • Support tickets are responded to in relatively fast time (usually within 8 hours)


  • Most paid activities (surveys and offers) are available to users in the US, Canada, Australia and a few other European countries
  • Member chat may not be very not effective for member engagements
  • The website is not mobile-optimized, and Offernation does not have mobile apps
  • Accounts can be flagged for verification which usually takes up to 60 days
  • Responses to persons complaining about the relatively long verification process bother on disrespectful