Surveys That Pay Through Skrill

5 Onlne Survey Sites That Pay Through Skrill

Survey sites that pay through Skrill – When it comes to making money online through surveys our favourite method is to sign-up with high paying surveys through that pay through Skrill.

Although we also register with other survey sites that pay with other methods like gift cards, Checks, Bitcoins and Paypal, that is only if they do not have Skrill as a payment option.

We have highlighted below the list of high paying surveys that pay through Skrill. Although some of them have other payment methods in case you decide to try other payment options besides Skrill.

Most of the survey sites pay cash instantly through Skrill and also make it easier for members to reach the minimum cashout by proving a very low minimum cashout of $1 to $2.

Majority of these Skrill survey sites also have other ways to make money apart from surveys and theses include Focus group, product trial, Online shopping etc. The other earning opportunities will help keep you busy when all the available surveys are exhausted for the day. And also helps you make more money than you can ever imagine.

So, below we have listed the Skrill paid surveys tested, and also show how to open a Skrill Account in case you have not and what you must know about Skrill.

Best Surveys that Pay through Skrill

1. Superpayme

Superpayme is in fact the best survey site that pay through Skrill. The website is one of the fastest growing survey sites online with different ways to make money. You can get paid through Skrill by taking online surveys for money. Not only that, Superpayme also have several other very interesting ways you can make money daily from the site.

Superpayme was established in the year 2007 and has since became the household when it comes to making money with surveys online. As of writing this article, Superpayme has payout out over …… to its members since 2007 and currently has more than 5 million members, and this increases each day because of how its members are well treated and the kind of money to make from the site.

One nice thing about Superpayme is that you will get paid through Skrill instantly.

Read Superpayme review if you need more info

2. Rewardingways

Rewardingways is another top survey site that will pay you cash through Skrill. It is one of the superpayme sister sites. This website has different ways you can make money on a daily basis, these include completing paid surveys, doing offers and a whole lots of them. Don’t forget that you can also refer your faimily and friends to the site and earn commission.

Rewarding as of writing post, has paid out more than $1,867,571.27 to its members since established and has over 4 million members earning from the site.

Don’t worry, Rewardways is one of the legit paid survey sites and has been online and paying its members right from the year 2010.

There so many other payment methods besides Skrill such as Paypal, Bitcoin or through as gift card known as Tango Gift card. This can can be used at Amazon, Starbucks, Nike and many more online retail stores.

Rewardingways also pay instantly, and you are very sure of getting paid the same day.

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3. Offernation

Offernation is also among the survey sites that pay through Bitcoins. You are given the opportunity to make money completing paid surveys, doing trial offers, watching paid videos and a whole lots of them.

Offernation is one of the survey websites that offer it members access to a very large number of advertisers and more than 1000 members get paid every week.

Once you joined Offernation and complete your profile details, you will be matched with surveys that are relevant which after you complete them successfully, your money will be credited to your account.

This Skrill paying survey site offers one of the lowest payment threshold in the market research survey industry. The minimum cashout requirement is just $1.00 and you will get paid the instant you request for it.

Offernation offers a low payment threshold so you can request cash when anytime you have as little as $1.00 on your account balance. When you are ready, the process is simple.

There are other payment option on Offernation besides Skrill, these includes Paypal and Bitcoin.

You may also choose to redeem you payment by requesting for gift card which could be Amazon or Tango gift cards.

Read Offernation review for more information

4. Ysense

Ysense is one of the oldest reward survey sites online. They have been in operation since 2003 and currently has up to 10 million members. Ysense was formerly known as Clixsense but was changed to Ysense.

Ysense has different ways you can make money on the site. Member can get paid into their Skrill account just by taking free paid surveys, you can also get paid for trying out products and services before they are introduced to the market.

Not only that, Ysense offers you the opportunity to earn more money by downloading apps, watching videos and refer people to the site.

Ysense is among the online surveys that pay through Skrill. And the payment via Skrill as processed every few days and send to your skrill account in 5 or 7 business days.

Members from USA and Canada are required to verify their postal address before payment. This is done in order to protect the integrity of the reward site.

Ysense does not have only Skrill as payment option, you can also choose to withdraw through Payoneer and Paypal.

Read Ysense Review to learn more

5. Timebucks

Timebucks is another place to complete paid surveys and get paid via Skrill. On this survey site, you will be paid in through Skrill when you complete online surveys Post on TikTok, View Funny Slideshows, Play Games, Install Apps, Complete Captchas, Post on Instagram, Voting, Watching Videos, Taking Selfies, growing a beard, searching the web and many more.

TimeBucks pays in cash into yout Skrill account on a weekly basis. You can also choose to withdraw other payment methods apart from Skrill which includes Paypal, Payeer, AirTM,, Skrill, Neteller, TangoCard, Bitcoin and Bank Transfer. The payments are processed every Tuesday 11:59:59 PM New York time.

The minimum payout at TimeBucks is $10.

Don’t forget to try out their referral program. Once you refer a friend or family member etc, you will earn a commission.

TimeBucks is owned by Australian Clearing Pty Ltd.

What is Skrill?

Skrill is an online payments processing company that was established in the years 2001 which gives its users the opportunity to make online transactions and money transfer so many countries around the world. As of writing this post about surveys that pay through Skrill, the company functions in over 120 countries and its digital wallet are offered in 40 different currencies.

With Skrill, you can make fast and secure payment and also international transfer on the go. You can use Skrill for betting, trading and shopping online and gaming.

So, with Skrill it is very easy receive money for surveys you completed online. You may send the money from your Skrill account direct to your local bank account and also receive money into a mobile wallet.

Is Skrill Legal?

Yes, Skrill is a legal online payment company. It is accepted and also operates in more than 120 countries around the world.

Is Skrill Safe?

Of course, Skrill is safe for usage. They make use of a sophisticated and advanced security software technology use by financial institutions such as banks etc.

And to make your account more security, all Skrill uses are required to verify their identities by providing their government approved ID cards such as drivers license, passport, national ID card etc.

How Skrill Works?

How Skrill works is that you will sign up on the website online and verify your account. You can then be able to use the Skrill account to send and receive money online.

To be able to receive money via Skrill from any survey site or company online, all you have to do is give them the email you used in registering the Skrill account.

Once the payment is sent by the survey site to your Skrill email, you will receive a notification from Skrill.

How Long Does Skrill Withdrawals Take?

Skrill withdrawal takes up to 24 hours to get to your local bank account. But the online payment can be received instantly.

Which means once you make a Skrill withdrawal from a paid survey site today, you are most likely to receive the money today.


There are not so many online surveys that pay through Skrill. Most of the online survey sites pay through paypal or other ways. The above 5 websites are the only best survey sites that pay its members via Skrill.


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