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Best Online Surveys that Pay Through Bitcoin

Surveys that pay through Bitcoin. But what if there was a less expensive way of acquiring Bitcoin without spending so much? What if you can get paid in Bitcoin for simply completing surveys or finishing tasks?

Sounds too good to be true right?

In all sincerity, it seems mind-boggling to even start believing that there are actually survey sites that pay you through Bitcoin for answering surveys or generally doing things listed on the site.

But the truth remains that there are legit get-paid-to sites that reward you with Bitcoin for finishing surveys, completing questionnaires, engaging in tasks on the site.

Even though there are many sites that claim to reward respondents in Bitcoin, reviews from many users show that more than half of such sites do not and so it becomes a real chore finding verified sites that do. And this becomes one of the reasons for compiling this list of the “Best Survey Sites that Pay in Bitcoin”.

While this list works earnestly to provide you with a list of credible where you can earn in Bitcoin, it also seems important to remind users of such sites that the Bitcoin percentage you earn on most online survey sites would definitely not make you a millionaire overnight, but these earnings can grow to a sizeable amount if you save it for over a period of time seeing how the value of this cryptocurrency doubles over time.

With these things duly explained, here is a list of the best verified sites where you comfortably earn Bitcoin without much stress, and this list is in no significant order-

Below are the best survey sites that pay through Bitcoin

  1. Superpayme

You cannot talk about surveys that pay through Bitcoin without mentioning This is a very popular paid online survey site with different payment in which Bitcoin is included.

Superpayme does just pay via Bitcoin but also make sure you get your money instantly and the minimum payout for Bitcoin withdrawal is just $1 and you can also choose to withdraw using other payment methods.
There are other methods you can you to earn money and get paid through Bitcoin on Superpayme, this includes Product, trial, Referral program, Paid videos and a whole lots of them besides online surveys.

All countries are accepted but residents of countries such as USA, Canada, UK and Australia have more earning opportunities than others.

2. Offernation

Offernation is another place you earn money via Bitcoin by taking surveys online. Here, you can also increase your earning opportunities by doing other offers such as products trial, Paid video, Paid to sign up, referrals etc.

Offernation deals with well known companies and brands that serious need the feedback of people in order to improve their new products and services.

Most of the survey on Offernation will pay you around $0.80 and $5.00 per survey and you are are able to reach you payment through Bitcoin almost everyday.

Offernation minimum payout requirment via Bitcoin is just $2 and you will be able to cashout instantly without delay. Other payment options are also available in case you decide not to use Bitcoin such as Skrill, Paypal, and Gift Cards.

3. Rewardingway

RewardingWays is an online survey and a get-paid-to site where users can earn money through Bitcoin by engaging in a range of activities such as completing surveys, through watching videos, through referral, and the rest

Earning Bitcoin through paid surveys is one of the best ways to earn on Rewarding Ways seeing that the site is crawling with them. Surveys can be found under the “earn money” tab up on the navigation bar high up on the site.

The availability of these surveys is ensured by the presence of many third-party providers on the site, and the amount to earn at the completion of each survey is boldly shown for the user to see.

Also, surveys are suited on identities and so users need to enter a bit more information before participating in order to check if they are suited for the survey or not.

Rewardingway also has quick payment methods you can use to your advantage. You will be paid the instant you request payment through Bitcoin. And the minimum payment requrement is $2.

4. Instagc

Insta GC, which literally means Instant Gift Cards, is a well-known get-paid-to site where members (who are known as Insta Gc’ers) are rewarded with real money through Bitcoin for engaging in and completing a series of exercises and tasks. G’cers or members of this site earn in points which can then be converted to cash, Bitcoin, vouchers, and other alternative payment options.

InstaGC is a verified survey site that rewards its users for engaging and completing simplified exercises such as subscribing to trial offers, completing surveys, shopping, watching videos, downloading and testing applications, clicking on links and the rest.

Completing surveys completing surveys is the main way to earn points on InstaGC, and these surveys come from three different sources (like YourSurveys, TheoremReach, and LiveSample) and can be found on the main page of the InstaGC website or under “offer wall”, right under the survey tab.

The other payment methods apart from Bitcoin are Paypal and Gift cards. And you will be able to receive your money within 24 hours or the same day.

5. Ysense

Ysense is another survey site you need to join if you are looking for surveys that pay through Bitcoin. Ysense is to be known as Clixsense which happened to be the best paid to click sites ever online. But the whole site was changed and earning methods also changed which is why they are now a full blown survey site.

The surprising part is that Ysense picked up where they stopped as they are now one of the best survey reward sites online with surveys that pay high through Bitcoin.

Ysense is also a member of the Prodege, LLC family and this mean that they support market researchers as well as others that focus upon the power of consumers.

Ysense offer its members different kinds of opportunities to earn money through Bicoin such as surveys, Online Tasks and offers.

Ysense pay it members when they reached the minimum of $5.

Latest Update: Ysense just informed us that they have removed Bitcoin as a payment method. The payment methods available for now are Paypal, Payoneer, Skrill and Gift Cards.

A Little Information About Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a decentralized digital currency that was created in 2009, which serves as an alternative to physical money as it is used for payments all over the world.

The decentralized feature about Bitcoin means that there is no repository body in the form of a central bank, a government, or central administrator monitoring and regulating its flow and issuance.

Instead, this digital currency changes hands in a direct exchange between users or operates on a peer-to-peer system with Bitcoin wallets guarded by private keys depending on the exchange medium, and is supported by a secure node system known as cryptography.

This system makes the currency more secure than physical cash and reduces the chances of fraud associated with this currency. Also, transactions with this virtual currency are stored in a public and transparent ledger that can be accessed by anyone and is known as blockchain.

This currency follows a whitepaper pattern that is drawn by the anonymous Satoshi Nakamoto.

Most importantly, the open-source nature of this currency affords its users many benefits, which include:

Absence of taxes – transacting with Bitcoin eliminates the possibility of taxation as personal information is not linked to the trail of transaction between users.

This is also due to the fact that this currency is not controlled or regulated by a central government or administrator that may impose taxes on exchanges involving this currency.

Minimal intrusion of third parties – A cryptocurrency like Bitcoin is structured in a way that users can exchange this currency directly through a peer-to-peer system without the intervention of banks or government regulatory agencies. This also makes transacting with this currency very discrete and faster.

Steady value appreciation – since its creation in 2009, Bitcoin has grown immensely in value, with one Bitcoin reaching up to $46,887.40 at the time of writing this review. This is a huge leap in value since its acceptance and recognition as an alternative to real physical cash in some mainstream financial transactions.

Convenience – The exchange of Bitcoin is both fast and convenient, and this is as expected regarding how it is digitally-based and the absence of financial middle men and institutions that might create a lag in the flow.

This feature about Bitcoin means that it can be exchanged between users anywhere in the world, as long as they both have Bitcoin wallets and addresses.

Complete anonymity – Another benefit to transacting in bitcoin is the total anonymity it offers users. Unlike physical currencies where cash transactions are tied to personal information, the only thing needed for transacting with Bitcoin is the Bitcoin address, which is not tied to individual identity and can change at any time.

Low processing fees – when compared to physical currencies, Bitcoin transactions can either be free or incur low processing charges. This is due to the absence of regulation and middle men in the chain of transaction.

So far, investing in a digital currency like Bitcoin seems to be one of the best long-term investment decisions to make this period, seeing that the recent mainstream developments and changes in trend have resulting to an unprecedented rise in the value of cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin, and how more people are willing to adopt this currency.

And so far, many people have delved into the world of buying and selling Bitcoin with fervour, further increasing and expanding the market.

For some people however, the high cost and needs of mining or buying Bitcoin directly have both kept them away from actively engaging in investing in this currency that has gone both global and mainstream recently.

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There are more other online surveys that pay through Bitcoin but most of them are not sincere and may turn out to be outright scam survey sites that claim to make bitcoin payment.

So, the above listed sites were tested not only by us but also other earners and we can confirm that they are legitimate best Bitcoin surveys sites currently online.


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